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Smile For The Camera To Reveal Your Aura Color!

Understand The Colors Your Spirit Radiates

The concepts of energy and aura are as old as time and are the very essence and finest expression of our true spirit.

A lot can be gleamed from reading these multicolored energy fields emanating from our being. But you don't have to be psychic and or have synesthesia to be able see these colors anymore.

Thanks to technology, the light that was once only visible to clairvoyants, like me, is now widely accessible.

Most services can be provided for you VIRTUALLY via Phone, Zoom, or FaceTime. All virtual readings are 100% as accurate as they would be in person.

What To Expect At Your Aura Reading

  • $125
  • 1 Session

Aura Reading and Aura Photography By Orland Park Psychic

An aura reading with me provides in-depth analysis into your energy and which healing crystals best fit your needs. You will also get a printed aura photo to take with you!

After your photo is taken, the biofeedback algorithm of my aura software processes your photo and then voilà, we're ready to get to your reading!

For your aura reading I will have you pick three cards from my tarot deck, and we will discuss what the color of your aura means for you in love, spirituality, and career—at this time in your life.

A Little Aura Photography History

Man Meditating Aura Colors Visible Aura Photography was discovered by accident in 1939 by Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian. But it took a Silicon Valley enginner in the 1980s, by the name Dr. Guy Coggins, to put it on the map. And here we are today, with apps and software programs for snapping our auras in seconds.


What are the seven layers of the aura?

1. Etheric  2. Emotional 3. Mental 4. Astral 5. Etheric 6. Celestial  7. Ketheric

Each layer is represented by a color corresponding to the seven chakra colors. And holds different types of information, including the traumas, thoughts, and experiences we've encountered in our lifetime.

What is aura made of?
Aura is an electromagnetic field made of unique vibrations, colors, and frequencies.
What do the aura colors mean?
Each color of your aura can tell you something about your emotional state. Ranging from deep blues and purples, indicating a powerful and spiritual place, to energetic yellows and reds for creativity and joy.
Are there “good” and “bad” auras?
Every aura can carry both positive and negative aspects. Your aura is a reflection of your feelings and state of mind, not necessarily your character.